Tr Media World | Beach Pricing

Starting in the Summer of 2018, We are pleased to announce packages for both the sitting and digital images. These Packages are only good for beach photography on South Forest beach location.  1 (one) hour session on the beach.  All the packages are available during the Sunrise, Evening, and Sunset session. Just let us know when you book which option you want.

A La Carte

$25 Per Person Plus Images

  • $4.99 Per Image
  • Buy Entire Gallery $199
  • Beach Session of 1 hour
  • No Minumum to buy
  • Limited Copyrights 


Savannah Package


  • Beach Session of 1 hour of total time
  • Sitting Fee of up to 10 people
  • Limited Copyright of images
  • Download of Digital Images
  • Online Images

Charleston Package


  • Beach Session
  • Sitting Fee of 20 people
  • Download of Digital Images
  • Copyright free images
  • Online Images

The Sunrise session: $25 per person sitting fee and $4.99 per digital download / $199 for all images in your gallery. We meet 15 minutes before sunrise. During the summer months, our meeting time is approximately 5:45 am.If you wish to go set up the on a per person

The Evening session $25 per person sitting fee and $4.99 per digital download / $199 for all images in your gallery.  We meet two hours before sunset. Normally around 7:00 pm.

The Sunset session: $25 per person sitting fee and $4.99 per digital download / $199 for all images in your gallery.  We meet an hour before sunset. Normally around 7:45. 


Please leave a voice message.

Beach Photography Basics

  • $25 per person
  • Choose between:  Sunrise, Evening or Sunset
  • 45 - 60 Minute Sessions
  • All images are Lightly Photoshopped
  • Order your images/photographs online
  • Digital Downloads $4.99 per image
  • Download of all Images in your Gallery $199
  • Photography Package $100
  • Canvas Package $400

We meet at the Public Parking Lot across from the Marriott Grand Ocean an hour before sunset/sunset. If you wish to meet at another location, Please contact us to confirm. We have a 5-minute walk to the public beach.  Since the Sunrise & Sunset differ throughout the year, the setting changes with the season.  In the summer, Sunset begins shooting at 7:30 pm, while fall is 6:15, and winter can be as late as 5:30 pm. A normal session last about 1 hour or more. A party of 5 takes about an hour, but a party of 10 and take over an hour. Please let me know about large groups, so we can have a second photographer available. The normal session included the following settings, but if you have a request please let the photographer know and we will make it happen.  

  • Walking at the edge of the water
  • Sitting in the dunes with the seagrass behind.
  • Headshots
  • Holiday Card shot -  year written in the sand
  • Jumping shot
  • Kids and parents playing in the sand and or sand castles
  • Mother & Son, Father & Daughter, Grand Parents & Grand Children
  • Kids playing in the tide pools

I encourage parents to bring buckets, sunglasses, or any other beach equipment. Please leave your purses in the car or at home and I encourage everyone to wear beach flip-flops since we will be kicking them off. It's the beach, no reason for good shoes. If you would like to bring your pet, as long as we abide by the laws of Hilton Head Island, you are more than welcome.

Since we will be outside and take advantage of the natural light.  Shooting is dependent on the weather, so a little flexibility is needed. Plus I can't guarantee the weather or the tides to be perfect for your shots.  If the weather is inclement, we can reschedule, or try our very best. Wind and tides are our biggest challenges.

The sitting fee is $20 or $25 per person. The photographs go directly to the website in 24 to 48 hours.  Your images are under the Gallery tab at the top of the page and are listed by date but I do post by last name or any name you wish.

Once the photographs are up on the site, you can buy as much or as you little you want. There is no minimum order. Digital downloads are $5.00 for high quality for images suitable for printing at your favorite website or vendor.  Yes, you can take the Digital Images to any printer for a one-time print.  TrMedia World does offer traditional printing, choose the small or large format and even canvas printing.  Shipping and handling are extra.

All images are slightly Photoshopped before going up on the site. If you order photographs, there is an option for retouching of photographs. The printer charges between $10 and $25 to retouch your photograph.

Once on the site, there is a button to link your picture to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email to share with friends and family prior to purchasing. There is a watermark on the images, while on my site, but once you buy the watermark is not in your images.

Yes, I do offer two types of bundle packaging. There is a virtual CD for a $199 (downloading of all photographs from the site via your email through an FTP server. - No CD or DVD is actually sent).  You can purchase a collection of photographs for both a small and large families, these include a 20x30, 8x10's, 5x7's, and wallets.

If you have any question or need additional information.

Please feel free to contact me at 843-338-1810.


High-Resolution Digital Downloads starting at

  • Digital Download per image $5.00
  • Virtual CD $199.00 - all images in the gallery

An example of Photographs prices, There is a lot more size available, and this is just a guide.  

  • Wallets (4) $7.00
  • 4x6 $6.00
  • 5x7 $8.00
  • 8x10 $10.00
  • 11x14 $20.00
  • 16x20 $36.00
  • 24x36 $101.00


Canvases $400
24"x36" Canvas
16"x20" Canvas
Photographs $100
1 16x20 Photograph
2 8x10 Photographs
4 5x7 Photographs
3 Wallets.